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Partner With Us!

We have partnered with different organisations, to strengthen our work in urban areas. The spirit of collaboration has helped us co-create more just and sustainable spaces.

If you are keen to partner with us, you can fill out this quick form and we will be in touch.

Our Partners

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We have partnered with CHILDLINE India Foundation to work for the rescue and rehabilitation of children in distress.  


Railway Children India

We have partnered with Railway Children India to rescue and rehabilitate children in need, and commit to their long-term well-being

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Godrej Salon-i

We have partnered with Godrej Salon-i on technical and life skills training for marginalised adolescents, to support their economic and emotional well-being

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The India Design Fund

We have partnered with The India Design Fund to setup a balwadi for children's early nutritional and learning needs, and a Labour Facilitation Centre to help migrant workers access legal entitlements and social security schemes. 


United Way

We have partnered with United Way on various urban development projects, that are committed to setting up inclusive and just cities. 


Larsen & Toubro

We have partnered with L&T Realty to promote positive health practices among urban poor communities and provide life skills training to marginalised youth. 


Indian Housing Federation

We have partnered with Indian Housing Federation on a consulting assignment, focused on a survey of urban poor households in Nagpur. 

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