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Community Empowerment

Our efforts to empower the community focus on facilitating their access to legal entitlements, social security, welfare schemes and basic services. We also offer technical and life skills training to members to help them access improved economic opportunities, and further social transformation journeys. We encourage the formation of collectives which can help the people collectively resist injustice and demand for their rights to be met.

Our Areas of Work

Facilitating Access to Entitlements

Our work on facilitating access to legal entitlements (such as voter IDs, ration cards, etc.) via Urban Resource Centres safeguards people’s identity in cities, and helps them access social security and government welfare. We also facilitate people’s access to basic services (such as water and electricity supply).

Community sessions further awareness and ways to access fundamental rights, laws, policies and schemes, so that people’s basic rights are upheld.

Since 2016


Entitlements facilitated


Connected to government welfare schemes

Entitlements legalise people's identity in cities and enable their access to social security, welfare and basic services

Community trainings build people's capacity to demand that their rights are met

Helping setup and strengthen community centres

In response to the community’s need for a safe, non discriminatory space, we help set up community centres that can be collectively owned. The centres are used by informal workers, self help groups, youth, children and others to interact with each other and share experiences.

The space is used to host capacity building sessions, study circles, health and sanitation workshops, policy discussions, film screenings, computer classes, self defence sessions, dance movement therapy and other activities. The community determines how they want to use the space.

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Facilitating access to entitlements

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Helping setup and strengthen community centres

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Building skills and entrepreneurship capabilities

Building skills and entrepreneurship capabilities

We help youth and women train in relevant skills to be industry-ready, and access avenues for self-development and community empowerment.

Programmes focus on increasing youth employability and life skills training, to promote income generation, security, and self-sufficiency among women and youth.

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