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With decades of experience of working on urban issues, we frequently take up consulting assignments, offering strategic support to other organisations in the sector. Some of our recent work is detailed below. 

Reach out to us if you are interested in a collaboration!

Developing an Urban Child Rights Programming Strategy: Child Rights and You (CRY)

The objective of this engagement was to develop an urban strategy and methodologies best suited for improving the conditions of children in urban settings. A mixed methods approach was used for the formulation of the “Urban Strategy”.

The detailed strategy included a critical overview of policy frameworks and their implications on children, a critical overview of the current scenario in education, health, nutrition and protection and recommendations for the focus of the new urban strategy. 

This consultation also helped us sharpen our own strategy on urban child rights programming 


Reviewing and Developing a Safe City Initiative for Children: UNICEF

We conducted strategy review and development of Safe City Initiative for children in urban areas of a city, as one of a team of three consultants.

Based on our in-depth knowledge of child rights, we comprehensively reviewed strategies identified and implemented, and identified those that are scalable and replicable, proposing validation of strategies with the use of strategic case studies.

This strategy consulting work also helped us explore scalable and replicable models that can be piloted in our own work. We were also able to develop stronger networks with child rights organisations in the process.  

Survey of 3000+ Slum Households in Nagpur: Indian Housing Federation

In partnership with Indian Housing Federation, household surveys were conducted in nearly 3000+ households in identified localities of Nagpur that were potential beneficiaries of affordable housing schemes. These included homeowners as well as renters. 

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